180F Temperature Sensitive Tape

Temperature Sensitive Tape
Package Size: (24) 180F Temperature Sensitive Tapes 
Temperature sensitive tapes are used in determining the surface temperature of items being washed.  The tape turns black if the surface being tested reaches 180F. The temperature element is fully enclosed and protected with a clear plastic overlay, providing both moisture protection and durability, making these labels ideal for a wide range of applications including verifying the final rinse temperatures in your cage, rack, tunnel, and bottle washers.
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1. Peel label off of liner.
2. Stick on clean dry dish using clean hands. Press label firmly to dish.
3. Run through wash and final rinse cycles.
4. Temperature paper will turn black if dish reaches the temperature of the Temperature Sensitive Tape.
5. Peel label off dish slowly to avoid leaving adhesive stuck to dish. 
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