Free Chlorine Testing Strips: 100 - 750 PPM

Package Size: 100 High Range Chlorine Strips per Bottle
Serim High Range Chlorine Test Strips measure free chlorine concentrations of 100 - 750ppm with color block increments at 100, 200, 350, 500, and 750 ppm.  Use the  Chlorine Testing Strips to measure a wide variety of solutions containing chlorine found in the restaurant and  food processing industry.
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Test Method:

Test Strip Technique: Immerse indicator pad in sample for a full 2 (two) seconds. Shake strip firmly to remove excess sample.

Results: At 90 seconds, compare the color of the indicator pad to the closest color block. Compare color in the center of the pad. Disregard color around the edge of the indicator pad.
WHAT does this product do?
Serim® Monitor™ for Chlorine (100-750 ppm) strips measure free chlorine.  The test gives a semi-quantitative indication that chlorine-based sanitizers have the appropriate concentration of free chlorine required for use in sanitizing surface areas and equipment in numerous environments including food processing, institutional, and agricultural industries.
WHY should I use this product?
Using a free chlorine concentration that is too low may not thoroughly disinfect the surface.  However, using an unnecessarily high concentration of chlorine may leave an unhealthy residue.  The goal is to develop cleaning/sanitizing methods that effectively rid surfaces of soil and microorganisms without over using chlorine.

Serim Monitor strips allow testing at various point-of-use locations and yield quick answers as to whether the free chlorine concentration is at its optimum level.

WHERE do I use this product?
Serim Monitor strips allow testing at various point-of-use locations in food processing, institutional, and agricultural areas.  Review applicable regulations and manufacturer’s recommendation to determine appropriate testing requirements.
  Features                                                   Benefits
Designed specifically for the food processing industry
· Color blocks at levels of importance to the food processing industry, unlike generic chlorine tests; i.e., swimming pool tests
Ready-to-use strips, simple procedure
· No preparation or mixing of reagents 
· No calculations or “drop counting” needed
Quick, semi-quantitative results in 90 second
· Simple, quick, and reliable method
Simple to interpret color block
· Accurate and consistent results minimize variation between readers
·  Color of indicator pad is directly compared to color blocks on bottle label
Consistent color reactions
· Results not affected by
aging during the shelf life of the product

Each bottle clearly labeled with:

·         Lot number

·         Unopened expiration date

·         Opened bottle use-life

· Traceability of product from manufacturing to final user
· Leaves no doubt as to the age or integrity of the product
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