August 3, 2012 : Clean Swimming

Clean Swimming

On a hot summer's day, nothing  is better than cooling off by jumping into a swimming pool. That is, of course, unless there are dead bugs floating all over the water. It’s disturbing to swim in a pool full of muck, death, and decay, however, unwanted filth in pools is bound to happen. It’s a hassle to keep outdoor pools covered whenever people aren’t using them, and therefore things are going to fall, walk, crawl into the pool. People may attempt to remove all the fragments from the pool with a large leaf net, but I am still always uncertain if the pool is really clean or not.

On the other hand, it would seem that indoor pools would stay pretty clean because they don’t have leaves falling into the pool, or dead bugs floating on the surface, but in reality they are still dirty because people come in and out of them all day. People’s natural oils, and any other dirt they had themselves is transferred into the pool. In addition, you never know what else people are putting in the pool. At a couple pools I’ve gone too, I’ve even seen signs that say “Welcome to our OOL, notice how there is no P”, hoping that people will keep the pools clean by not contaminating them with urine. It’s troubling to think that the pool might look completely clean but in reality others have contaminated it.

The only time that I feel certain that the pool is clean and okay to swim in, is when there is a pool maintenance person who is responsible for making sure that the pool stays clean all day. They aren’t just keeping it clean by using a leaf net and removing debris, but instead they use pool test kits to make sure that levels of chlorine and pH are what they should be. Using pool test kits like the ColorQ series kits, make sure that the pools are clean to swim in. Without them, who knows what we would be swimming in.