DISINTEK GTA 1.5% Test Strips

Package Size: 1 kit with 2 bottles of 50 strips
Serim® DISINTEK™ GTA 1.5% Test Strips provide a convenient means of testing potency, i.e. concentration of select reusable glutaraldehyde (GTA) solutions used in high-level disinfection.

Serim DISINTEK GTA 1.5% Test Strips are used to determine whether the glutaraldehyde concentration is above or at/below the Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC) of 1.5% for the following high-level disinfectants:

    * CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution
    * MetriCide® 14-day Sterilizing & Disinfecting Solution
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Directions for CIDEX® or MetriCide®:

1.    Immerse entire indicator pad of test strip into CIDEX or MetriCide glutaraldehyde (GTA) disinfectant solution and remove immediately.

2.    Touch the long edge of the strip to a paper towel for three (3) seconds to remove excess sample.

3.    Lay strip, with the pad facing up, on a paper towel.

4.    Ninety (90) seconds after immersion, interpret and record results.



PASS - the indicator pad is purple; the GTA concentration is above the 1.5% MEC.

FAIL - the indicator pad displays distinct white areas; the GTA concentration is at or below the 1.5% MEC.
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