December 21, 2015 : Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

When it comes to cleaning dishes, a common question people have is “how does using a dishwasher compare to hand washing”.  That said, today we have listed out some differences between both of the methods.

  • To kill most of the bacteria on the dishes, the temperature of the water needs to be 140 degrees. Most sinks, however, only get up to 120 degrees for safety reasons of preventing burns, but most people can’t even stand that high of temperature when hand washing. *
  • The temperature of the water during the sanitizing function on a dishwasher is 155 degrees or higher. Curious to know how hot it gets? Use temperature-indicating strips in your dishwasher.
  • Concerned about saving water? To clean a load of dishes, a dishwasher on average uses 14.2 L of water, whereas hand washing the same size load uses 75 L  of water. **
  • Loading and unloading a dishwasher takes an average of 9 minuets, whereas hand washing the same size load takes about 60 minutes.
So with this information, what method would you rather use when washing your dishwasher?