Small Footprint Incubator

Compatible and convenient incubation that has digitally controlled time and temperature. Capable of up to 80 °C, Digital Dry Block Incubators can be set to any temperature required by Hygiena test products, and more! A built in timer features auto-stop and sound alert to help you achieve perfect incubation, every time. This size is perfect for users running a low volume of tests at one temperature 
- Small block Digital Dry Block incubator
- Hygiena Swab tube block - 12 wells

Key Features:
-   Temperature stability ≤ ± 0.5 °C
-   Wide temperature range:  RT+5 – 80 °C 
-   Heats to max temp in less than 15 minutes
-   Timer range: 1 min - 99 hr 59 min 

Price: $434.95

  • Designed specifically for Hygiena test devices
  • Numbered wells help keep testing organized
  • Flexible configuration can accommodate swab test devices or large volume tubes
  • Digitally controlled independent blocks can be held at different temperatures
  • Small footprint takes minimal lab bench space
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