Quat Strips: 0 - 1000 PPM

Package Size: 100 Strips per Bottle
Serim QAC-Quat Test Strips estimate QAC (quaternary ammonium compound) concentrations from 0 - 1,000 ppm with coded color blocks at 0, 50, 100, 200, 400 and 1000 ppm.
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Test Method:

Test Strip Technique: Immerse the indicator pad into the sample. Remove immediately.

Results: Within 15 seconds, compare the color of the indicator pad to the concentration coded color blocks on the bottle label.

WHAT does this product do?

Serim® Monitor™ for QAC test strips give a semi-quantitative indication that QAC (quaternary ammonium compound) sanitizers are at the appropriate concentration for use in sanitizing food processing equipment and facilities.
WHY should I use this product?
In food processing, the concentration of quaternary ammonium compounds can range from <200-ppm to 5,000-ppm. Recommended concentrations vary depending on the needs, equipment, plant design, and federal (FDA) or state regulations.

Using a QAC concentration that is too low may not thoroughly sanitize surfaces or equipment. Using a concentration that is higher that recommended (<200-ppm) for food contact items without a peruse rinse may leave a toxic residue on these surfaces.

Serim Monitor strips are used to indicate whether the concentration of a solution is adequate for the surface being sanitized.
WHERE do I use this product?
Follow the manufacturer’s directions for dilution of the QAC concentrate for the specific surface being sanitized. Use the Monitor QAC strip to determine if the concentration is at the recommended level.
Six factors that affect how a sanitizer performs:

· Concentration – Proper dilution is very important. Read label for complete dilution directions.

· Contact Time – QAC-based sanitizers carry a positive charge. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi carry a negative charge. When a QAC-based sanitizer is applied to a bacteria-laden surface, the charge distribution of the bacteria cell changes. This results in the disruption of the bacteria cell wall and eventual death of the microbe. The cell walls do not break down immediately – thus necessitating the 10-minute contact time.

· pH – Most QAC sanitizers work best under alkaline conditions.

· Temperature – Certain sanitizers work best in cold water (bleach). Most, like QACs, work best in warm water.

· Soil Load – Heavy soil should be removed before disinfecting.

· Organism Type – Not all sanitizers work on all types of organisms. Read the product label for a complete list.
  Features                                                      Benefits
Designed specifically for the food processing industry
· Color blocks at levels of importance to the food processing industry
 May be used with Acid QAC solutions
· Reliable results with Acid QAC solutions  
Quick, semi-quantitative results in 15 seconds
· Simple, quick, and reliable method
Strip results not affected by different formulations of various commercial brand QAC solutions
· Accurate and consistent results minimize variation between readers
·  Color of indicator pad is directly compared to color blocks on bottle label
Consistent color reactions
· Results not affected by aging during the shelf life of the product

Each bottle clearly labeled with:

·         Lot number

·         Expiration date

· Traceability of product from manufacturing to final user
· Leaves no doubt as to the age or integrity of the product
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