May 22, 2013 : Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

photo courtesy Flickr

Everyone knows that the best way to stay cool when summer hits is to jump in the pool. With Memorial Day just around the corner, you can see how popular this sentiment is as public and private pools alike begin to fill up for the summer season. While pools are a great way to cool down, relax, and enjoy time with friends and family, there are a few safety guidelines one should always keep in mind when in or around a pool.

First and foremost, make sure that there is always adequate supervision at any pool you decide to jump into, especially if there are children around. Even adults shouldn’t swim alone as there is always a chance of an accident happening.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that a phone is always accessible from the pool in case there is such an accident. A cordless phone works best in this circumstance as many cell phones which employ touch screens become unresponsive to wet and wrinkled hands

Make sure that pool water is tested often and thoroughly using a high quality pool water test kit. This can quickly and accurately test for chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, and pH levels. Making sure that your pool water is healthy requires a test kit that is not only quick and easy to use, but most importantly, accurate as well.

While many different areas have different ordinances in regards to how much fencing should surround a pool in order to keep it safe, a general rule of thumb is to keep a 4 sided fence surrounding the pool in order to make sure that unwanted visitors don’t wander into the pool accidentally. Check local zoning laws or with local authorities to make sure that your pool is up to date in regards to keeping it safe.

Making sure that everyone has enough sunscreen on is also an important detail to remember when spending time at the pool. Adults should be in charge of administering and applying sunscreen to children and themselves according to the specific recommendations included on the sunscreen bottle. Finding a sunscreen that is both sweat proof and water proof will pay off in the long run as it will not needed to be reapplied quite as often as the non-waterproof and non-sweat proof varieties.

Finally, one last suggestion is to learn CPR. CPR is a skill that has assisted in saving countless lives. Knowing CPR will make you prepared for situations in which someone’s life may be endangered.

Staying safe at the pool this summer doesn’t have to be a chore, make sure that you follow the suggestions listed above as well as any other suggestions that local officials may enforce in your area and you can make sure that your summer afternoons spent pool side are both fun and safe.