August 28, 2015 : Why Test for Protein Residue?

Why Test for Protein Residue?

Why test for protein residue?


Protein is more difficult to remove from surfaces than glucose or other residues, so using a test is a good indicator for surface contamination. Testing for protein residue helps monitor the cleanliness for food equipment surfaces, which help ensure food safety and product quality.   Using products like our PRO-Clean protein residue test detects any protein residue that is left on a surface after cleaning. The protein residue test will not tell you which type of protein is present on the surface but some of the protein residues that it detects includes meat, fish, peanut butter, egg whites, milk powder and almond residue. When using the test, the way that you know if protein residue exists on the surface is based on the color the reagent turns. Green means that there is no protein residue on the surface, and purple means it’s present. The quicker the color turns to purple and the darker the purple color is, signifies the more contamination present. The results of the test take 1 – 10 minutes, which quickly validates the hygiene of the surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. 


Check out more information and watch a demo video of the product by checking out the PRO-Clean protein residue test product page.