October 31, 2012 : pH testing strips are used in many environments

pH testing strips are used in many environments

Previously we covered what a pH test strip can be used for, but have you ever wondered exactly why a pH test strip would be needed in the first place? pH levels can be important in many various industries and environments because the pH level of a living organism is crucial to proper function. This means that everyone from people working in the health care industry to people who brew beer are typically concerned about where an organisms pH level is.

To begin with, pH stands for ‘potential of hydrogen’ when a substance is high in acid, it releases more hydrogen into the environment, and the opposite end of this spectrum, alkaline substances remove hydrogen from an organism, so when you’re using a pH strip, you’re testing how much hydrogen is in a substance.

Why is any of this important? Because in a human’s body, there must be a balance to pH levels, you will commonly hear this referred to as a pH balance, and each system and organ has its own unique balance. Saliva, for example, has a balance level of 6.5, while urine is ideal at 6.8.

While pH strips can be used to test bodily fluids such as urine and saliva, they are also used in many other fields. The levels of hydrogen in beer and wine are tested via pH strips. Nurseries use pH strips to test their soil to make sure that the acidic levels are proper for certain species to thrive in, while other species thrive in soil with denser alkalinity. You will commonly see aquarium owners using pH strips to make sure that the water in their tanks are optimal for the fish living in them.

pH test strips have many different uses across many fields, call or email today if you have any questions on how pH testing strips can assist you.