March 31, 2013 : Pool Water Test Kits and Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool Water Test Kits and Swimming Pool Maintenance

Owning or running a pool can be a lot of fun, it means constant access to water activities as well as ample opportunities to have neighbors and friends over to enjoy your pool as well. If you want to be a responsible pool operator though, you need to make sure that the water in your pool is safe for everyone to enjoy. This means being vigilant in testing the water using a variety of methods to ensure that the pH balance is correct and safe. If the pH balance is too low, the water will become too acidic, meaning that swimmers’ skin can become dry, itchy and irritated. Acidic water can also burn swimmers’ eyes and noses as well as bleached meaning that new bathing suit will look worn and ragged pretty quickly. In addition to this if the water in a pool isn’t within the correct pH range, the chlorine you use in order to keep bacteria and algae at bay will not work, this can lead to unsafe swimming conditions and possibly even illness if the problem is not remedied immediately.

A responsible pool operator will constantly have pool water test kits on hand to ensure that the water in the pool is neither too acidic nor contain too much alkaline. Pool water test kits are easy to use and take the headache out of trying to figure out the proper pH balance to maintain in the water. Pool operators will want to measure the pool’s chlorine level, Alkalinity and its pH levels in order to make in biologically safe. The remedy to pH levels being imbalanced is usually fairly simple and can include actions that are as easy as adding ‘pH minus’ or ‘pH plus’ to your pool, these can be found at any pool and leisure specialty store. Make sure you have a thorough conversation with your local pool specialist or chemical dealer prior to using these chemicals in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those who will be enjoying their free time in the pool you are operating. For more information on swimming pool test water kits call or click today.