June 25, 2013 : What our pool test kits can test for

What our pool test kits can test for

Summer is here, which means plenty of time to get outside and cool off in the pool. If you're operating a pool this summer, be sure that the water you use is clean and free from common contaminants. Our pool test kits can test for a variety of factors in pool water including the following:

Bromine: Bromine tests are used to determine whether or not unsaturated compounds such as alkene and alkyne are present in the water.

Copper and iron: Copper and iron can sometimes be found in large concentrations of water, making the water appear discolored although not cloudy. This discoloration has the ability to stain surfaces in the swimming pool as well as the hair and nails of swimmers in the pool. Copper and iron can come from a variety of sources close to the pool and can be easily tested for as well as eliminated with proper care.

pH: A pH balance that is too high or too low can be too acidic or too alkaline respectively. These opposite ends of the spectrum can lead to a bevy of problems such as dissolving a pools surface, corroding pool equipment, water becomes murky, and swimmers will feel the discomfort of dry and itchy skin as well as a burning sensation in the eyes and noses.

Calcium hardness: If calcium hardness is not properly balanced in pool water and it becomes too high it can produce a crusty white scale on pool equipment and pool surfaces as well as make the water cloudy and make pool heaters inefficient. If the calcium hardness is too low, concrete pool surfaces will become pitted, grout will dissolve and plaster in the pool will be destroyed over time.

Cyanuric acid: Also known as chlorine stabilizer, it is included in some pool test kits in order to make sure that the sun’s ultraviolet rays do not consume the chlorine in your pool.

Our pool test kits also test for Chlorine including free and total chlorine and basic alkalinity levels. If you are look for a pool test kit to get your pool up and running this summer, Test Kit Central has the pool test kit you are looking for.